The SOTU Project

The Slightly Less Placeholder site - The sands of time are sinking, the dawn of SotU breaks

The History

In 2008 the UKScene AllStars released a music disc by the name of Sound of the Untergrund. It featured Hively and AHX tracks from some of the UKScene's best and brightest.

The Idea

So there I was, taking my daughter to the Science Museum, sitting on the tube train, looking at the station map and being kicked in the shins by a toddler. Inspiration struck out of nowhere! I could expand the original SOTU into a series, based around the various tube lines.

The Project

And so was born the SOTU project, a collection of music discs based around the London Underground. Each tube line will have its own release or releases and the stations are the prompts for the tracks. Musicians participate by finding a tube station that either inspires them or that they have a connection with. Each disc will have its own musical style, be it streamed, tracked, chip, etc.

The Current Production

The Victoria Line - Release schedule: Revision 2017

The SOTU AllStars

These people have earned the title of SOTU AllStar by participating in a released product.

The Rules

The Lines

This is a list of the current London Underground lines:


The Greetings